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Scholl Velvet Smooth Refill 2pcs


  • A refill for the Scholl Smooth Velvet Foot File.


  • Replace the head as soon as you feel that the file does not work as well (usually after about 12 times). The heads can be used several times, depending on how often you use them and how hard your skin/callus is. They last longer if you take them off the file after use and clean them
  • 2 inch taller to your overall height
  • *Made of high-quality neoprene gel
  • *Cushioned for maximum comfort
  • *Easily trimmed to fit different shoe shapes.It's fits in boots as UGGS and Nike air.
  • *Helps decrease pressure on joints
  • *Helps relieve pressure on your spine
  • *Promotes better, healthier posture
  • *Look taller and get more attention!
  • Contain natural bamboo vinegar essence,
  • effectively softening old waste horniness, and make cutin constantly fall off, mild and no stimulation, skin reproduce such as baby skin as smooth and delicate;
  • The fermentation of milk extract nourish the skin, improve due to insufficient care chap, rough, make skin tender and soft reappear full play the bright white;
  • Reduce foot peculiar smell, and kept clean and comfortable. 
  • Thin, comfortable and discreet
  • Improves circulation and reduces swelling
  • Soothes and relieves achy heels and feet
  • Combats symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis
  • Breathable fabric keeps feet dry and comfortable
  • Unisex and fits either foot
  • Machine washable
  • Di antara manfaat yang bisa didapatkan dengan mandi air garam bukit himalaya:
  • 1. Melembutkan, mencerahkan, meremajakan dan mencantikkan kulit secara alami
  • 2. Membuang kotoran, toksin dan sel-sel kulit mati
  • 3. Menghilangkan bau kurang sedap di kaki dan badan
  • 4. Merawat masalah kulit seperti jerawat, parut, gatal-gatal dan sebagainya
  • 5. Meningkatkan "Aura" diri supaya lebih positif
  • 6. Melancarkan peredaran darah dan menenagkan fikiran
  • 7. Melegakan masalah kekejangan otot,sakit sendi, lenguh dan kulit merekah
  • 1.Terdapat kelainan kepada bulu binatang. Nampak lebih kukuh dan bersinar.
  • 2.induk penjantan lebih aktif mengawan
  • 3.induk betina lebih subur
  • 4.Kos penyelengaraan kesihatan berkurangan, kerana ketahanan diri kambing meningkat. penyakit biasa seperti batuk, selsema, demam mula kurang menyerang
  • 5.garam tahan lama dan tidak mudah berkecai berbanding garam block atau garam komersial
  • 6.Tiada kesan sampingan terhadap haiwan dewasa,betina bunting serta anak,
  • 7.Garam tidak peroi dan tahan lama. Kos garam jilatan dapat di kurangkan.
  • *Penggunaan garam dalam kandang hingga ketahap maksima selama 24 jam x 7 hari.
  • 8.Sangat disukai oleh ternakan untk mkanan vitaman tambahan untuk tubuh badan dan dijauhi dr penyakit2.
  • *Improves blood circulation; Massages whilst you walk.
  • *Reduces muscular aches and pains.
  • *Eliminates foot odours; Turns all footwear into massage footwear
  • 1.the one who has wound on the feet, and alcohol allergy can not use.
  • 2.there's serious foot Skin dryness also can not use.
  • 3.this foot sox is disposable,can't reuse and use it overtime, usually 45-60 minutes
  • 4.Apply age: 18 years old and above
  • 5.If you want to use the second pairs , you must be sure the efficiency that you used the first time is already finished ,usually over 10 days you can use it again.
  • 6.When the dead skin is not falling off completely,pls do not tear off it, if you tear it off , it will bleeding and you will feel ache


  • Massager Slipper


  • Memory Foam Shoe Insoles
  • Molds to your foot, breathable, keep memory, comfortable
  • Suitable for leather shoe insoles and sports shoe
  • 1 pair
  • Anti-fatigue compression socks
  • Soothes tired, achy legs and feet
  • Uses graduated compression to soothe, massage and energise legs and feet
  • Comfortable and discreet
  • Thin enough to fit in any pair of shoes
  • Easy to put on
  • Great for everyday use
  • Enhances circulation
  • Relieves symptoms of varicose veins


  • Gentle & Easy to Use 
  • Ergonomic "No Mess" Design 
  • Over 135 Precision Micro-Files 
  • Stainless Steel Blade is Safe to the Touch 
  • Includes 2 Buffing/Polishing Pads FREE! 


  • Say goodbye to painful calluses in minutes!
  • Pedi Pro Deluxe Pedicure Treatment is the automatic callus remover that grooms your feet perfectly
  • This electronic home pedicure system removes dry rough patches, ugly calluses and dead skin
  • It is the ultimate foot-smoothing miracle you have been waiting for!
  • Includes buffing pads, for a perfect smooth finish
  • Guaranteed to be safe and gentle for delicate skin
  • It has two precision speeds: low speed for rough dry skin and the high speed for tough calluses
  • Use it on your heels, your soles, even on your toes
  • When you're finished, just pop open the head and toss the shavings
  • Then use the finishing head to polish the skin surface to a super smooth satin finish
  • With Pedi Pro Deluxe Pedicure Treatment, you will enjoy silky, sexy feet that are smooth and soft to the touch!
  • Salon, Beautiful Feet Instantly !
  • Helps gently remove dry skin
  • Precision stainless steel micro files
  • Traps shavings, making it easy to clean up after use
  • Choose from 2 speeds: Low speed for dry skin, high speed for tough calluses
  • Fast & simple- smooth your feet anytime, anywhere!
  • Like the ultimate pedicure for super silky, sexy, smooth & soft skin
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)