Bug repelent
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  • Flies-Away make your home a no-fly zone Just add water and the included non-toxic bait to the disposable trap and then hang outdoors in a sunny area.
  • It is a safe, effective way to rid your property of up to 20,000 nuisance flies for a full month without poisonous sprays, swatting, or messy clean-up!
  • Ideal for outdoor activities; won t harm pets or other animals.
  • You swat, you shoo, you spray but those flies still don't go away.
  • Flies Away As Seen On TV is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to make flies go away for good. It goes to work in minutes, inviting thousands of flies in but they can't get out.
  • Keeping insects out of your home, cutting your utility bills and having just a little more peace and quiet are just a few of the reasons we are receiving hundreds of letters every day, thanking us for this wonderful and easy to use invention.
  • Mother Nature is responsible for creating the magnetic material that is the science behind how Magic Mesh works.
  • What's even more remarkable is that this product needs absolutely no tools to install.
  • Magic Mesh is an ingenious combination of the idea of a screen that acts like a door.
  • The key to what makes this product so unique is that it uses magnets to keep it closed. Because the product is made from a lightweight material, it's flexible enough to respond to pressure - just like a fabric curtain.
  • Effectively proven to eliminate mosquitos
  • Doubles up as a night lamp or decoration piece
  • 6 LED lights lures in mosquitos up to 300m radius
  • 360c wide-opening trap for maximized effectiveness
  • Removable storage base for easy cleaning
  • Strong yet silent razor fan
  • Long lasting LED lighting of up to 3000 hours
  • Fashionable and practical, attach it to your clothing, hat, pants, shoes or bag.
  • Plant Essential Oil ,eco-friendly 
  • Prevent Dengue Fever for your family
  • Natural ingredients and not harmful for kids: Made by Citronella Essential Oil and Chamomile Essential Oil.
  • *Light soft and work quietly, no noise
  • *Power consumption is very low
  • *ABS material is environmental, safe and durable.
  • *LED light with 360-400nm purple light can attract mosquitoes or other insects easily.
  • *Low voltage is power-saving and safe to use.
  • *Light-controlled sensor will be auto off at dawn and on at dusk.
  • *Mute fan provides a nearly silent sleeping environment to ensure you can sleep well.
  • *Powerful airflow of fan can make vortex to kill mosquitoes safely and easily by air drying and dehydration.
  • This unit is The Environmental Alternative for Safer Pest Control
  • Electromagnetic signal repel pets
  • Simply plug into any home outlet
  • Riddex Plus include a built-in night light & LED indicator light
  • It's designed to work through electrical wiring
  • Non-Toxic, No Chemicals, No Poison
  • By using it, you'll reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in everyday life
  • Keep your outdoor living space bug-free with the ZappLight
  • an energy-efficient lightbulb and bug zapper all in one!
  • ZappLight screws into a socket like a regular lightbulb and emits LED white light. But its blue light also attracts bugs and mosquitos, zapping them dead without dangerous chemicals or fumes.
  • Now you can enjoy outdoor dining and activities without the pesky insects. Perfect for the porch, patio and more. 
  • No Spray, Chemicals or Fumes