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  • *Lightweight and portable makes it easy to be used at home or in a personal training studio
  • *Can be used for Pilates training as well as upper body strength training
  • *New power cords are a safer alternative to resistance tubing
  • *Bar disassembles for easy storage
  • *Includes Pilates bar with two 30" power cords with attached foot loops on each side if the bar, follow along 60-minute workout DVD with bonus upper body strength workout
  • *PushUp Pump
  • *Simultaneously engage muscles all over your body to get an entire core workout
  • *Sturdy steel design
  • *Lightweight and portable
  • *Rebounding range of motion
  • *Three different hand positions: Upper Grip, Inside Grip, Outer Grip
  • *3 Colour Coded Resistance Cables:
  • *Red cable for light resistance to get lean and ripped results
  • *Use all 3 cables for ultra resistance to get lean and ripped results
  • *No more struggle or strain on your back
  • *AB Rocket Twister tones upper and lower abdomen and thighs with crunches, reverse crunches, oblique exercises and more
  • *Switch from sit-ups to twists with a change of locking pin
  • *Padded backrest supports while massages your spine during sit-ups
  • *Flex Master tones legs, biceps, triceps, shoulders and more with resistance training system
  • *Complements abdominal and oblique training with simple attachment to AB Rocket Twister
  • *Folds for compact and convenient storage
  • *Helps you lose weight, burn fat and build muscle, Dual channel out design.
  • *Muscle stimulation.
  • *Perfectly fit for men and women in good health.
  • *Safely and portable.
  • *Large LCD display.
  • *Adjustable belt size.
  • *Foldable and detachable designs for easy carrying.
  • *Come with a carrying bag for use while traveling.
  • *Gold's GYM ABS Advanced Body System Fitness Trainer Exerciser Fastest ABS New.
  • *The fastest, easiest way to a sculpted body!
  • *Jaw dropping Abs, Strong, Toned Arms.
  • *Lean, Shapely Legs. ABS (20-45 lbs. of resistance).
  • *Result in as little as 10 minutes a day!
  • *The you bend the faster your result
  • *Sophisticated anti break material
  • *Change your body change your life with ABS
  • *Product Size: (60 X 33 X 3)cm
  • Some of the great features of the Cardio Twist are its patented design that will give you an ideal workout position,
  • the fluid motion of exercise is easy on your joints
  • , it is made with a strong yet compact design,
  • the handlebar is padded for long training sessions,
  • it has a sturdy base to support almost anyone,
  • there are no pistons so it won't leak on your floor
  • , there are 7 adjustable resistance levels and much more. 
  • *Perfect for pull-ups, push-ups, vertical knee raises, dips and much more
  • *Contoured armrests provide comfortable support
  • *Heavy-duty, 2-inch diameter steel throughout; durable, vinyl back and armrests mean durable, long-term performance
  • *3 stations combined with multiple grips for a variety of exercises
  • *Angled back pad for comfort
  • *Multiple grip positions
  • *Padded arm rests for comfort
  • *Allows users to do chin-ups, dips, push-ups and leg raises
  • *250-pound maximum user weight capacity
  • *Break through the traditional riding model.
  • *Can move forward to any direction
  • *Can slide with double wheels and single wheel
  • *Make the movement simpler with more freedom
  • *Material within the circle round,nylon ABS.
  • *PU wear-resisting wheel , suitable for any field.
  • *Pasted with anti-slip cloth on both platforms to make a movement with more reliable safeV
  •  to eliminate pain and swelling.
  • Gives continuous support to the patella and lessens the strain on your kneecap... pressing pain away!
  • You'll enjoy increased mobility and be active again.
  • Undetectable under clothing.
  • Adjustable to fit all knee sizes.
  • Machine washable too.


  • 1: Activate entire body, relieve tired quickly.
  • 2. Excellent body shaper, melt away mass body fat.
  • 3. Soothe insomnia efficiently, helps you unwind.
  • 4. Stimulate alvine, enhance digestion.
  • 5. Increase blood flow to keep healthy.
  • 6. Activate joints, soothe arthrosis ache.
  • Exercise bike with folding frame for easy storage
  • Adjustable Belt Resistance System and nonskid foot pedals with straps
  • 4-function computer tracks your riding time, speed, distance, and calories
  • Adjustable padded seat; workouts burn 4 times the calories as walking
  • Maximum User Weight: 100kg


  • *Adjustable 2 step seat
  • *Height and depth can be altered to complement your riding style
  • *Variable resistance knob
  • *Non-slip, fully adjustable handlebars
  • *Adjustable fore/aft position
  • *Non-slip pedals with toe cage and straps
  • *Trip computer with following functions:
  • *Scan, Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Odometer
  • *Maximum User Weight- 150kg
  • *Help to isolate specific muscle group while training
  • *Improve balance and coordination
  • *Gripping ridges provide extra traction
  • *Great for relief tension and stress
  • *Strengthens, tones and stretches the entire body
  • *Perfect for all ages and fitness levels
  • *Exercise bike with folding frame for easy storage
  • *Adjustable Belt Resistance System and nonskid foot pedals with straps
  • *4-function computer tracks your riding time, speed, distance, and calories
  • *Adjustable padded seat; workouts burn 4 times the calories as walking
  • *Maximum User Weight: 100kg
  • *Great cardio workout
  • *Easy on the joints
  • *Sturdy construction
  • *Padded cover over springs and frame
  • *Some assembly required
  • *Tone arms with defined biceps and shoulders
  • *Target inner thighs for sleek sexy legs
  • *Strengthen back and lift chest
  • *Dual action spring technology provides resistance when your muscles flexes or lengthens
  • *Light, compact and portable makes it the perfect travel exercise gadget
  • *No complicated heavy workout machines to handle
  • *No risk of injury from dropping heavy weights
  • *No impact on joints and spine
  • *The Bendy Shaper is a lightweight, portable training tool that tones and shapes your entire body
  • 0-16 degrees manually adjust the slope
  • Running area : 118*42cm
  • Running speed : 1.0 -- 16 km/h
  • Air damping system / Stereo dual speakers
  • Product include Multi-function belt machine , Sit-ups stand , Dumbbell
  • 0-16 degrees manually adjust the slope
  • Running area : 118*42cm
  • Running speed : 1.0 -- 16 km/h
  • Air damping system / Stereo dual speakers
  • Product include Multi-function belt machine , Sit-ups stand , Dumbbell
  • *Weight: 2.01kg 
  • *Max. weight capacity: 300lbs
  • *Fits doorways from 61cm-81cm wide with trim or molding from 10cm-16cm
  • *Suitable for pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, dips, and arm and shoulder exercises
  • *Tones biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders, and abs
  • *Instantly attaches to door frames without tools or drilling
  • *Durable steel frame with heavy duty construction
  • *Non-slip rubberized feet and protective foam
  • *Comfortable high density foam grips
  • *Easily disassembled to save space
  • Doorway Gym Exercise Bar Pull-up Max 192kg 
  • Product Description: 
  • *Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Steel Bar w/foam handles grips for comfort
  • *Adjustable from 62cm-103cm
  • *Support up to 192kg
  • *Includes All Doorway mounting hardware & support brackets
  • *Compatible with almost any door frame
  • *Can be easily set up
  • *Allows you to workout in the convenience of your own home
  • *Lightweight for Easy Transportation
  • *Foam pads provides secure and comfortable grip  
  • *Includes exercise instructions
  • *Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • *Easy to Maintain and Keep Clean
  • *Effectively perform pull-ups, chin-ups or crunches when mounted near the floor
  • Portable and foldable mini treadmill.
  • Fitness monitor records time, speed, and distance.
  • Available in pink and blue colours. 
  • Saves space, with wheels for easy transportation.
  • *The product structure is excellent, with two "hydraulic buffer bar".
  • *Attached to the computer screen, great for your sports management.
  • *You need to adjust exercise intensity depend on you.
  • *Does not occupy a space, easy to place.
  • *Dont have rope
  • *Mute design, suitable for household use.
  • Material: 94% Nylon and 6% Spandex
  • *Encapsulation and compression support (internal and external knitted structure support each breast individually as well as offer compression 
  • *double layer knitted construction for maximum support and shaping
  • *engineered knit power panels with high modulus for strong support
  • *internal bra knit with restricted stretch underbust and side bust panels
  • *front yoke knit with high modulus power stitches to reduce breast movement
  • *racerback style offers wide range of arm movement and non slip straps
  • the world developing to a new level each second
  • Highly durable
  • Store it easily
  • Burn your calories swiftly
  • highly durable product and lasts for a long period of time than you think
  • amusing way to burn your calories fast as the whole of your body is impacted when you work out with this
  • Toning your hips, butt, thighs, arms, and tummy all at once is now just a bed of roses. 
  • Shake Weight works without electricity.
  • Shake Weight for advanced is the new device designed to make the workout of triceps, biceps, shoulders and abs for men and women more effective
  • Shake Weight offers you a revolutionary new approach to workout
  • *Leaned over to back to exercise of muscles, strengthen power back
  • *With waist leg do support in abdomen, thighs and buttocks muscles do exercise
  • *Long time of computer work certainly will affect person's health
  • *Influence of this kind over long haul, growing and do not pay attention to and indulge attitude will cause body function in malignant transformation, will never be alarmist
  • *Front and training equipment, alleviate lumbar muscle strain on back of fascia strain
  • *One day two groups in collection of 60 times back movement, will make back easier
  • *Method of use:both feet are living off before pipe, hands in brain to do sit-ups movement, can exercise abdominal muscle
  • *Sit-ups (mainly exercise abdominal muscle and rapid use six abdominal fat)
  • *Collect back sports (mainly exercise back muscles, also related to relieve main method of lumbar muscle strain)
  • *Carried on leg (mainly exercise abdominal and large leg ministry muscle)
  • *waist to bend, leg upright, arms and head droop, suspended in sky, don't force to touch hands, try to relax muscles and then nature extend back and leg muscles, about stops minute and repeat three times
  • *Works out your entire core upper, middle, lower abs & oblique's, Combines 6 great exercises
  • *Adjustable resistance, Works in both directions on each rep, No need for an expensive gym membership
  • *Compact & easily folds up, Works in conjunction with an exercise & diet plan
  • *Comes fully assembled,Exercise & nutrition guide included
  • *Anti slip mat to help protect floors from scratches and scuffs
  • *Strengthen the power of arms, wrist and shoulder. Be suitable for lover of golf, badminton, Ping-Pong, tennis and basketball.
  • *The product is coinciding with ergonomic. The handle is made with soft and high density foam, so you will feel more comfortable when used.
  • *The product has the characteristics of light and handy carry, used in home, office, gym and outdoor exercise.
  • Strengthen and tone your abs, shoulders, arms, and back with this wheel.
  • The unit teams up a pair of nonskid wheels and two easy-grip handles.
  • To use, simply get on all fours, grab hold of the handles, and glide the wheels back and forth across the floor.
  • At various points during the exercise, you'll work every major upper body muscle group as your torso adjusts to the movements
  • *Disc Material : Molded ABS
  • *Rod Material : Heavy Duty Metal Steel rod with comfortable grips
  • *Wheel Pattern : As shown on Photos
  • *Color : Black
  • *Gender : Unisex
  • *Packaging : Retail Box