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  • Metal badminton set consisting of two rackets with steel frames and plastic handles,
  • Two shuttles
  • A black mesh pouch with a shoulder strap.
  • *2 Player Set
  • *Plastic Shuttlecocks
  • Product Description :
  • For all things that require a good washing, clean all your tools and vehicle with this DEAL - EZ Jet Water Cannon-Powerful Pressure Washer with 8 Adjustable Nozzles and Built-in Liquid Dispenser! 
  • With the power of a pressure washer, the EZ Jet Water Cannon comes with the convenience of a hose in a single 8-in-1 tool. Blasting away dirt and grime from sidewalks, patios and driveways has never been so easy. It also clean leaves from gutters, windows, house exteriors, cars, boats, sidewalks, steps, and sliding doors. Simply attach it to your hose with eight different EZ Jet Spray settings with just the turn of a dial.
  • *Dimensions: 15cm (H) x 5cm (W) x 43cm (L)
  • *Material: plastic
  • *Colour: blue
  • *8 adjustable spray patterns
  • *Built-in detergent dispenser
  • *Attaches to any standard hose
  • .The low frequency is a special electricity with regular rhythm or stop. According to suitable power and speed on body by low frequency, which make a rhyrhm and sort impetus on body. The softness of low frequency are as same as massage effect like pressure, pinch and percuss by human hand.
  • 2.Choice 6 modes with simple operation.
  • 3.Itwill fet off power automatically after 12 minutes from stop, when you forget power off.

Exercise Cycle Bike ( Can Not Be Used Pos Domestic )

  • Product Description :
  • *Black color
  • *22kg flywheel
  • *Adjustable 2 step seat
  • *Height and depth can be altered to complement your riding style
  • *Variable resistance knob
  • *Chain drive system
  • *Non-slip, fully adjustable handlebars
  • *Adjustable fore/aft position
  • *Non-slip pedals with toe cage and straps
  • *Transport wheels for easy storage
  • *Trip computer with following functions:
  • *Scan, Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Odometer
  • *Maximum User Weight- 150kg

How to use :

1. Make sure the object surface is clean and dry before spraying.

2. Shake gently before using, spray it evenly (about 10-20cm away from the object). 

3. Dry it as usual under sun (using dryer is okay)


How long the water/dirts repellent effect will last?

*About 30-60 days for almost all sorts of shoes, clothes, textiles, suede leather and etc.

*About 60-90 days for umbrella/leather bags objects


  • Focus on strengthening muscles endurance
  • *Superior temperature control
  • *Real moisture absorption moisture management
  • *Provider vital support for a more effective workout
  • *Helps trim extra pounds with natural body heat
  • *Sturdy neoprene constuction
  • *Hand wash in warm water
  • *Tasty & Healthy Plan,Fit Tape And Hot Bag ( Not Included )
Iron Gym
Product Code: 10-109-103



Dimensions: 46cm (H) x 32cm (W) x 95cm (L)

*Weight: 2.01kg

*Max. weight capacity: 300lbs

*Fits doorways from 61cm-81cm wide with trim or molding from 10cm-16cm

*Suitable for pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, dips, and arm and shoulder exercises

*Tones biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders, and abs

*Instantly attaches to door frames without tools or drilling

*Durable steel frame with heavy duty construction

*Non-slip rubberized feet and protective foam

*Comfortable high density foam grips

*Easily disassembled to save space



Package includes



  • 1 x Upper body workout bar
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Workout guide
  • 100% Brand New

  • Colors: Black/ Blue/ Red

  • Flexible and Soft

  • Very warm and lightweight to wear

  • A cutout for nose breathing

  • Perfect protection against cold, snow, wind and hot sun

  • New ventilation system will keep you breathing easily and eliminate mouth odor

  • Built for the cold winter whether you are skiing, riding a motorcycle/ bike, play paintball, or simply strolling out in the cold weather for those occasions

  • Material: Neoprene and thermal fleece

  • *PushUp Pump
  • *Simultaneously engage muscles all over your body to get an entire core workout
  • *Sturdy steel design
  • *Lightweight and portable
  • *Rebounding range of motion
  • *Three different hand positions: Upper Grip, Inside Grip, Outer Grip
  • *3 Colour Coded Resistance Cables:
  • *Red cable for light resistance to get lean and ripped results
  • *Use all 3 cables for ultra resistance to get lean and ripped results
  • *No more struggle or strain on your back
  • *Supports body weight up to 78%, 100% back support
  • *Workout DVD
  • 1.Support and warmth to relieve pain. Say goodbye to aching back pain and slouching shoulders.
  • 2.The Unisex Adjustable Magnetic Posture Correction Neoprene back support is the most recommended brace in the market by Doctors and Physiotherapists.
  • 3.Designed by back experts, this brace aims to provide both stability and flexibility to the users by improving posture. The lightweight design gives the user complete freedom of movement.
  • *This ultra high performance sauna sweat suit is designed for boxers, fighters, runners and athletes who want quick temporary weight loss to help to make it for competition weight
  • *This is an excellent accessory for retaining body heat to increase sweating and help to lose water weight
  • *Elastic closures on both the top and pants to keep heat in and create sauna effect
  • *Has enough room and mobility to exercise in
  • *Reduce water retention problems, increase metabolism, dispel toxins and regulate blood circulation
  • *Your weight lose results will double when you workout in this suit due to the thermal effects
  • *Easy to wipe clean material
  • Extra-wide light beam illuminates large spaces, conveniently switch between 33 LED Torch to 5 LED flashlight mode and magnetically secures to metal for hands free use. Torchlite is perfect for Power outages, camping, outdoor actvities, and ideal for hanging in closets. The best part is they are both weather proof and impact resistant! Get your Torchlite now! The perfect gift for dad. Put one in your tool bag today.
  • *33 LED extra-wide beam lights up the entire room, 
  • *72 lumens of light output
  • *2-IN-1 Torch Lite & Flashlight
  • *Magnetic base can mount to all metallic surfaces
  • *built-in 360 swivel hook and sturdy design provide hands-free use options
  • *Conveniently switches to 5 LED flashlight mode
  • *360 pivoting base with powerful magnet & rugged hook - can be used anywhere. Shockproof & water-resistant.
  • *Perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, auto or home repair, emergency roadside, power outages.
  • *use battery AA*3pc